Erika Jayne insists she's innocent in the embezzlement scandal her estranged husband Tom Girardi is currently facing.

According to sources who spoke to TMZ, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star is putting all the blame on the embattled lawyer, saying his legal film, Girardi & Keese, managed all of her money before they got a divorce.

Jayne insists she had no idea what her former partner was doing to all of her assets, and her money reportedly went straight to him or his law firm.

The TV star put her big trust in Girardi as she thought he would manage everything correctly and deal with all the financial aspects, like paying for a production crew of her music videos and more. Jayne reportedly never got the chance to monitor every move her estranged husband made.

All the independent income from paid appearances, brand deals, "RHBOH" salary went to her entertainment company, EJ Global. Still, she insists Girardi was the one who handled the money.

Her fellow cast members and the court questioned Erika Jayne on how much she knew of Girardi's embezzlement scams after the lawyer allegedly transferred $20 million in loans to her.

Erika Jayne Questioned By 'RHOBH' Cast

In an August episode of "RHBOH," Jayne was confronted by her co-stars about an article from the Los Angeles Times that exposed her divorce from Tom Girardi.

The article made an allegation about a 2019 court filing that shows Girardi & Keese loaned $20 million and transferred it to Jayne's company.

In the show, Jayne insisted she's innocent when Sutton Stracke directly asked the TV star about the "$20 million elephant in the room" during Kyle Richards' holiday dinner party.

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"The obvious question is, did you know any of this? As your friend, I don't think you did." Richards said, to which Jayne replied with, "No, I did not."

Stracke intervened and said she had several LLCs, and if a significant amount of money were transferred to her, she would immediately notice.

Erika continued to blame Girardi, saying she was "kept away from the books."

Tom Girardi's Embezzlement Scandal

Late last year when the victims' family sued the former couple for allegedly using their divorce to embezzle an ample amount of money.

Edleson PC represents the family members of victims who died in a Jakarta plane crash.

In early reports, Girardi has allegedly embezzled the money meant for the family members to fund his and Jayne's lavish Beverly Hills lifestyle.

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