From Vancouver artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, etc., Mark Jowett (MoevCinderpop,) comes the musical manifestation of his alter ego - Plain Mister Smith. This otherworldly figure is a sonic explorer of sorts, in photos, we see a mystical figure trotting down the street or paddling in a kayak. He's a global troubadour recruiting musicians on his mystery tour. Today he embarks on another crash-landing onto this earth, bringing with him the highly anticipated self-titled EP 'Plain Mister Smith.'

An early premiere with Under The Radar wrote: "Against a backdrop of alternative folk arrangements, chamber pop strings, and sweet indie pop melodies, Jowett crafts a world of both entrancing absurdity and dark poignancy, inspired by touchstones like Elliot SmithSufjan Stevens, and Portishead."

(Photo : The Planetary Group)

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Lead single "Strange Strangers," was the first introduction to the whimsical Plain Mister Smith, where mesmerizing harmonies bloomed into a tapestry of alt-folk sounds. Followed by "The Rat," he touches on a darker side of humanity, exploring emotions of madness, alienation and self deprecation from an out-of-body POV. Final single, "Aliens Come Calling" is layered with ethereal harmonies that float against alternative folk and indie-pop musical intricacies, with orchestral elements by featured violinist, Sophie Heppel.

Over the course of a five-song saga, listeners experience a world of progressive and orchestral alternative music that brushes on ethereal folk and indie-rock with featured vocalist, Jordan Klassen, who delivers powerful melodies. Take a listen for yourself and experience the eccentric world of Plain Mister Smith.

The 'Plain Mister Smith' EP is out now via Popoganda Records

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