Johnny Depp received overwhelming support from friends and fans after his notable appearance at the Rome Film Festival.

Depp graced the event's red carpet over the weekend as part of the premiere of his new animated TV series, "Puffins." The event became the venue where the actor exchanged sweet gestures to his fans, and he immediately garnered more attention after photos from the event emerged.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor interacted with his Italian fans - both old and young - and even posed for pictures with them.

His heartfelt interaction caused his friends and fans to speak for him and appeal for justice once more.

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On Twitter, Depp's fans and friends shared images of Depp to show support for the actor.

Greg Ellis uploaded a photo of the actor wearing his notable Captain Jack Sparrow costume as he hugged a young patient. He captioned the post with, "How many actors have you seen visiting sick children in hospital, in costume and character, like Johnny Depp does?"

"I can't express how happy this picture makes me. John knows how much he is loved and supported! My heart is bursting with love for this man. I just know that he will get the justice he deserves!!!" one fan wrote.

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His recent appearance at the event indeed received overwhelming attention and support from fans. Despite his ongoing legal battle and losing all his roles, Depp stood in front of the people who believed in him when everyone else did not.

One fan even noted that Depp remains one of the most loved celebrities in Italy of all time. The Rome Film Festival reportedly used the event to honor him as the Hollywood star who offered a massive contribution to the industry.

A now-viral video of Depp walking through the Auditorium Della Concillazione also showed people cheering on him as he began interacting with young fans.

His appearance came after his fans asked for a global release of his movie, "Minamata." The film was first premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February before MGM and Vertigo Releasing acquired its distribution rights.

However, Levitas requested MGM to "bury the film" due to Depp's legal concerns. Still, fans remain hopeful that other Deppheads around the globe would soon see his performance, as well.

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