Prince Charles has been embroiled in the new "cash-for-honors" controversy, and it pushed people to disapprove of him even more as the next monarch.

Since last month, Prince Charles brought new problems to the monarchy when The Sunday Times released an article about Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett's issue. The controversy alleged that the duo used their positions to give people royal honors in exchange for massive donations to the royal's foundations.

After another shameful event, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly kicked Prince Charles out of the royal family. As a result, Prince William would take over the crown once Her Majesty abdicated.

National Enquirer quickly released a report following Prince Charles' scandal, saying that the "cash-for-honors" controversy served as the last straw for Queen Elizabeth. The issue was reportedly extreme enough that Her Majesty considered making her grandson the next king instead.

"This money-for-honors atrocity is the last straw for her majesty. The future of the monarchy is at stake! Only William and his devoted wife, Kate, can cement the queen's legacy - and give the royals a modern takeover!" one source revealed to the news outlet.

Because of Prince Charles' tendency to become "money-hungry," the Prince of Wales is now more vulnerable to another scandal that could pull down the monarchy.

Will Queen Elizabeth II Pass The Throne To Prince William Instead?

While Prince Charles' issues are true, the part where the Queen reportedly decided not to make him the king is far from being possible. Unless he dies before Queen Elizabeth does, the monarch cannot pass the throne to Prince William.

First and foremost, Her Majesty does not have the power to make Prince William the king instead of Prince Charles. According to the 1701 Act of Settlement, the monarch's heir should be a direct successor and a protestant - both of which are Prince Charles.

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Since the Parliament made the act, it is the only body that can change it. Even if it applies variations to the law, it will take them a long time to finally receive it.

"In our line of business, there's no such thing as being in a hurry. It works from father to son, or mother to son, that's how it goes, and they have to wait their turn, whenever it comes. That's how it should be," Prince William's godfather, the ex-King Constantine of Greece, told BBC.

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