Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, assured royal fans that Prince Charles would effectively lead the monarchy with her help.

As months continue to pass without Queen Elizabeth II's signs of abdication, Camilla and Prince Charles grow together to become the best rulers when their time comes.

On Tuesday, the royal couple attended an event for Reading Room. Camilla originally launched it as part of the "celebration of literature" in December.

The duchess then read a witty speech for authors who have shown unmatched support for her literary vehicle The Duchess of Cornwall's "Reading Room." In response to this, a language expert commended Camilla and revealed she is already ready to become Queen.

Language expert Judi James told Express UK that Camilla showed she could step up confidently when the monarchy needed her the most. She and the other members of the royal family have to work more following Queen Elizabeth II's health woes and withdrawal from COP26.

Per James, the duchess started to appear more determined, and it will help the monarchy in the future, especially when Prince Charles steps up.

"With the Queen now stepping down from Cop26 after her recent health scare, Camilla seems to have stepped up to the plate here with this unusually animated and humorous speech suggesting she might have more of an integral role in providing back-up and support than imagined," she said.

Camilla Has Unique Technique Prince Charles Approved

In the same statement, the expert noted the duchess has a technique she uses while addressing celebrities and other public figures. According to James, she helps her collect the public's affection while building rapport with her listeners.

Camilla reportedly relies on her humor, which is not usually seen among royals. However, Prince Charles shares the same trait during his speeches.

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The technique also showed what her future as Prince Charles' consort would be.

"Even her thanks have an air of modesty that works. Camilla says she wants to 'thank the writers for sharing your stories with us readers' and the use of the 'Us' places Camilla in the latter group, as a grateful reader rather than as a royal," she went on.

Once Prince Charles becomes King, Camilla will be known as Princess Consort instead of Queen Consort as an act of respect for Princess Diana.

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