Prince Charles stepping in for Queen Elizabeth II at the event in Glasgow next week is reportedly a massive disappointment to royal fans. 

The Duke of Cornwall is reportedly scheduled to attend the summit alongside his mother, but after it was announced that she wouldn't be attending, he is now considered the most senior royal to participate in next week's COP26 summit.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement early this week that Queen Elizabeth II "regretfully" decided not to attend the reception but would still deliver her message to the delegates via a recorded video message. 

According to writer Matt Stadlen, Her Majesty is the "most incredible public servant" in the monarchy. 

And because she's not coming, he believes it's going to be a "big blow" to the royal fans, especially to the organizers of COP26 because "she was going to be the figurehead of that." 

He went on to say, "It is thought that she would encourage other world leaders to commit to making sure that we live on a sustainable planet."

Royal commentator Carole Malone also said, "Charles will be a massive disappointment, which when you think about it, is bad news considering he is going to ascend the throne when the Queen no longer wants to do it or can do it."

Prince Charles is attending the summit, and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, his son Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

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Queen Elizabeth II Not Abdicating Anytime Soon

Many royal fans are worried that Queen Elizabeth II may have to give up the throne for her son pretty soon. 

After all, there have been several issues with her health, as reported recently. 

Queen Elizabeth II has been ordered by her doctors to rest and is required to miss several engagements, including the United Nation's climate change summit, COP26. 

Though it may seem like this could be a sign that she's surrendering, according to Richard Fitzwilliams, this is only the start of her scaling down her duties - but it doesn't mean that she would completely give up her power. 

He noted that even if this were the case, Her Majesty would continue to carry out her engagements whenever she can because she's that dedicated

"She knows people want to see her, she knows certain events are particularly important, and if she can possibly make it in person, she will."

"However, she truly hates letting anyone down."

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