A columnist recently questioned why there is no longer an update about Tiger Woods and his tragic car crash in February.

Writing for Daily Mail, columnist and journalist Derek Lawrenson asked how Woods was doing months after the accident.

He noted that, in the past months, multiple news outlets reported the World's No. 1's updates and whereabouts. He recently helped the Ryder Cup successfully hold the event and shared pictures of him to mark the 25th anniversary of the first win in the industry.

From his website to his social media accounts, Woods constantly shares his life updates and low-key tells his fans about his new milestones. However, the athlete never released a statement yet after his last one in March. At that time, he told his followers he would be recovering at home while trying to get stronger.

"Would it really be that intrusive if we had even quarterly updates? How he's progressing, what he's able to do, any prospect of him picking up a golf club? To be fair, it's never been the Tiger way," he went on.


As of the writing, Woods indeed never spoke up about his health status and let the media coverages speak for him. After all the months that passed, how well is Tiger Woods now?

Tiger Woods' Latest Update After The Crash

A few days after the crash, the authorities already clarified that Woods would not receive criminal charges. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that a reckless driving charge would have been possible, but their investigation found no drugs and alcohol to prove that Woods drove under the influence.

After going through surgery, Wood silently worked on his recovery again. Earlier this month, a new video by a news outlet showed the golfer walking on his own again without a limp.

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The video was reportedly taken in Port St. Lucie, where the golfer went on Sunday to see his son, Charlie, participate in a junior tournament. It proved that the athlete no longer deals with severe issues, unlike the first few months since the crash.

Woods still wears a sleeve on his right leg to ensure that he would not overwork it. A photo by Twitter page for Woods, TWLEGION, also shared a photo from the event to confirm he was back on the course.

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