Wendy Williams is said to be going broke even when she only missed weeks of her "Wendy Williams Show."

Williams was initially scheduled to mark the new season of her show on September 20. Unfortunately, she had to push it back several times due to her health issues, including COVID-19 and mental health dealings.

The show then announced that she extended her hiatus until this month and welcomed a series of guest hosts instead.

While she continues to recover from all her health struggles, a news outlet disclosed that the long-time host is already facing financial downfalls.

Is Wendy Williams Losing Her Fortunes?

National Enquirer reported this week that Williams would lose it all if the "Wendy Williams Show" gets canceled. It noted that her financials have already been affected by her recent absences from her talk show. Since she kept on spending without earning in the past weeks, a source said she would be forced to change how she uses her money.

"Her cost of living is astronomical. Her medical bills are running into hundreds of thousands, her staff is still on full pay, and she's had to dig deep into her pocket to fund private nurses and extra bodyguards," a source said.

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Her expenses also include her multiple mortgages and the spousal support payments to her husband she always needs to settle.

Meanwhile, another tipster warned her she should "downsize" her life to avoid further financial problems. The same source maintained William would be lucky if she had anything left once she paid for her debts.

Following her physical and psychological evaluation, it reportedly remains unknown when she will be back.

Wendy Williams Can Pay All Her Expenses, Debt

Far from the news outlet's claims, Williams is currently doing well. Her recent medical care is not cheap, but it is not whopping enough to affect her savings or downgrade her net worth.

In fact, her show continuously skyrockets despite her absence. With that, she continues to earn from the show whether she is the one hosting it or not. This also proved that the show is not nearing its end anytime soon.

Her show also assured that Williams would be back once she is well enough.

It is safe to say that Wendy Williams, despite her absence, keeps on earning from her shows and businesses.

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