Meghan Markle's previous messages revealed how she felt about the royal family when she was still a senior member of the family.

After visiting with Prince Charles in August 2018, the 40-year-old Duchess wrote the messages to her former press secretary, Jason Knauf, as she began penning her letter to her father, Thomas Markle.

The "trigger" for her writing her father the letter, she informed Jason, was witnessing "how much anguish" it was inflicting Prince Harry.

In the alleged text obtained by The Sun, the Duchess of Sussex reportedly wrote, "Even after a week with his dad and endlessly explaining the situation, his family seem to forget the context and revert to "Can't she just go and see him and make this stop?"

It went on to say, "They fundamentally don't understand, so at least by writing, [Harry] will be able to say to his family, 'she wrote him a letter and he's still doing it.'"

Meghan Markle further accused the British royal family of "constantly berating" the Duke of Sussex over her estranged dad's actions.

The text allegedly read, "By taking this form of action, I protect my husband from this constant berating and, while unlikely, perhaps it will give my father a moment to pause."

She also claimed that the royals were exerting undue pressure on her husband and her to deal with her father, and that she felt compelled to act.

"It was only when my father began criticizing the royal family... that senior members of the family and their advisers expressed their concern over the public attacks and expressed their desire to have them stopped."

The mom of Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana further said, "I felt that even if my attempt to stop my father talking to the media failed, at least my husband would be able to say to his family that I had done everything I could to stop it."

After the 40-year-old former "Suits" star stated she was "puzzled" to see them quoted in only a few lines, the text exchanges were released in their entirety today.

These were delivered after Thomas was unable to attend his daughter's wedding due to a heart attack and continued to talk about Meghan in the media.

Meanwhile, Jason advised her to include her father's health problems in the letter since it would provide him with the "greatest opportunity for criticism and pity."

The Duchess of Sussex also expressed her fear that the letter will be leaked to the media, forcing her to be extremely careful with the wording she uses.

The Sun also revealed that the former "Deal or No Deal" briefcase girl's email signature was "Sent from my iPhone." Please excuse any technological mishaps. I'm a Luddite. "

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Jason Knauf Goes Public With Meghan Markle

In his witness testimony, Jason Knauf also stated that the Duchess of Sussex forwarded an electronic draft of the letter to her father and inquired whether anything in her language may be seen as a liability.

According to court documents, the mother of two inquired about addressing her father in the letter as "daddy," adding, "given I've only ever called him "daddy," it may make sense to open as such (despite his paternal status), and in the unfortunate event that it leaked, it would pull at the heartstrings."

Meghan Markle's letters to her father were later leaked and published by a number of media organizations in the United Kingdom.

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