Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez breaking up after a few months of dating?

Affleck and Lopez reignited their past relationship and got back together earlier this year. Though they look way closer than before, a news outlet disclosed that the couple has been dealing with problems behind the scenes.

According to Life & Style, the couple has been showing red flags in the past months since they reunited. Sources also informed the news outlet that Affleck and Lopez had already begun growing distant from each other.

"The two of them were flying all over the world to be together - from Italy to Miami, Los Angeles to New York - because they couldn't bear to be without one another. But now it seems like reality has set in," the source said.

The insider maintained that the "Justice League" actor has to deal with several obligations and responsibilities. With that, he reportedly compromised his relationship with the singer.

Things got more complicated when Affleck deleted his Instagram account before going back to Los Angeles, causing people to assume that the duo started to fall apart.

The magazine added Affleck is scheduled to return to Texas after seeing his kids. For now, he reportedly did not have any plans to see Lopez. The thought, obviously, left her furious as the event gave her a similar feeling to what happened during their 2004 split.

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For people who want to see Affleck and Lopez break up, there is no way they would witness a heartbreaking event again as the couple remains stronger together.

The long-distance relationship changed their relationship, but a source revealed it never weakened their connection toward each other.

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A source told Elle that the duo is madly in love and continues to feel that way despite spending time away.

"Spending time in different cities during the week has made them miss each other like crazy and fall even more in love. They are making many plans and looking forward to their future together," the source said.

They also publicly showed affection when Affleck accompanied Lopez to the airport as the actress needed to jet to Vancouver over the weekend. Despite their hectic schedule, they reportedly want to spend the weekend together as much as possible.

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