Ahead of her huge One Night Only performance on CBS, complete with the in-depth Oprah interview treatment, Adele did a little video work with Oprah to promote the event - and in one video for Instagram, Adele learned that Oprah likes her on way more than just one a professional level.

(Author's note: I am not trying to imply that Oprah has a crush on Adele. That is not what is happening here.)

For the video, CBS asked viewers to share their favorite Adele song, and Oprah led the way.

Her Royal Media Majesty had this to say:

"Favorite Adele song of all time? "Someone Like You," because I think it's the ultimate longing for what could have been; lost love - and it's relatable to everybody in the world, no matter what country or generation you're from. Favorite of all time."

There's no shame in loving Someone Like You the most of her discography - it's an incredible song, there was a reason it was so popular. That said, it's also not exactly a surprise, nor was the next one she mentioned. The third song, however, had Adele taking a couple of steps in surprise.

"BUT - my favorite one to have fun with is 'send my love to your new lover / treat her better,' that's my favorite. And also, "River Lea!" Which nobody ever mentions as their favorite!"

"River Lea" is a lesser-known song off of Adele's third album, 25, about her relationship with the place she grew up and how it affects her now.

Oprah mentioning this song is hard proof that she's a huge Adele fan - as is the fact that she couldn't name just one favorite Adele song.

For her part, Adele said HER favorite Adele song was "One and Only," a song from her second album, 21. "It's so much fun to sing," the artist said.

Adele's highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30, is coming out this Friday. If you missed her One Night Only performance, don't worry, we live in the age of streaming - you can still watch it on Paramount+.