The feud seemed to continue as speculations believe that the reported "Earthshot Prize" in the US will become Prince William and Kate Middleton's way of taking over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's "home base."

In a report by Who via Suggest, the Cambridges are "ready to contest" with the Sussexes reigning over the United States, which led to "shaken" Harry. The insider said, "Harry and Meghan have made the US their home base and their target audience.

"So the prospect of William and Kate going over there will no doubt rock them."

Bothered Prince Harry?

The speculation followed after the Duke of Cambridge announced the next "Earthshot Prize" will proceed in the United States for 2022.

The father-of-three hosted the event and said, "This is just the start," William said in his speech, "I'm thrilled that in 2022, The Earthshot Prize will be heading to the United States, where we will continue to spread this vital message of urgency, optimism and action."

"The urgency of the situation can't be overstated. But through The Earthshot Prize, I want to show people across the world why there is reason to be hopeful," the royal in his speech added.

As the article explained, the monarchy's reputation was mentioned in numerous headlines after the Sussexes exited their royal duties and Prince Andrew's sexual assault case.

Despite all the downfall, the insider described the Cambridges as "universally adored," and the said trip outside the country is a "much-needed PR boost." "A royal tour to the US is long overdue," the informant stated. "The US is one of the UK's most important allies there is a huge appetite for royals over there."

 They finalized, "At the moment, it seems like [William and Kate] can do no wrong."

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 Up For Competition?

Suggest investigated the article and noticed that the magazine failed to note the important reason the royals haven't been visiting the United States: the COVID pandemic.

Other than that, the source explained, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not avoiding the US because of theSussexes. But, the whole international traveling made their schedules slow down.

If the Cambridges will continue their New York or D.C. stops, which are common stops for diplomatic travel, they'll still be in no way near the Sussexes to affect each other, the source finished.

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