The rapper Young Dolph, 36, was just shot and killed in his hometown Memphis, TN. The father of 2 was inside a cookie store when a car pulled up and shot through the window, killing the rapper. While not many details are known at the time, police are currently on the scene investigating in the aftermath of the murder.

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This horrifc and shocking event does not stand alone in the artist's life. It is known that Dolph has been known to be the target of attempted murder in the past. He was shot in 2017 while outside a shoe store. These multiple shots forced him to get surgery. While there were some shots taken at his body, his car was shot over 100 times back in 2017 as well. This occurred when he was in Charlotte, NC. It was never officially discovered who had it out for the performer, but afterwards Young Dolph began to take precautions.

Young Dolph attends Black Tie Affair for Quality Control's CEO Pierre Thomas, also know as Pee Thomas, at on June 2, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.
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As described by TMZ, "in the wake of that shooting, he [Dolph] dropped $600,000 for a pair of bulletproof vehicles and he chalked up the hail ofgunfire to jealousy and hate because he's rich and successful." It is sad to see violence take someone in such an untimely way.

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Dolph correctly monikered himself for being "rich and successful". The talent his known for celebrated works including Major, On the River, and King of Memphis. Aside from being remembered for his work, his family will remember him. This family includes two children: a son and daughter.

 Rapper Young Dolph performs on stage during the Parking Lot Concert series at Gateway Center Arena on August 23, 2020 in College Park, Georgia.
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Our thoughts are with Young Dolph's friends and family in this trying time.