George Clooney is said to have given up on Amal that he has no choice but to divorce her.

Clooney had planned on leaving his rocky marriage with Amal that he also once photographed driving alone. Globe reported that time that the couple developed more tension in their relationship as Amal continuously bossed Clooney around.

In return, the wife was reportedly tired of taking care of him, especially when she always needed to clean after him whenever he was in their house.

"He's like a grown kid, watching TV and movies all day and stuffing his face with junk food while having virtual calls with friends." They were only sticking it out for the sake of the kids, the tipster argued," a source said.

Clooney has been subject to divorce rumors since then, but the most recent buzz was the most controversial yet.

Did George Clooney Plan On Divorcing Amal?

There are Hollywood couples who chose to end their relationship during the pandemic. However, the Clooney couple is not one of them.

Far from what the news outlet claimed, Clooney and Amal are actually working hard to parent their child. In fact, the actor recently talked about the overwhelming feeling they felt when they decided to become parents.

During his interview on "WTF with Marc Maron" this week, the 60-year-old recalled how he used to think he would never want to get married and have kids again.

"Listen, I didn't want to get married," Clooney said. "I didn't want to have kids, and then this extraordinary human being walked into my life, and I fell madly in love, and I knew from the minute I met her that everything was going to be different."

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However, his mind changed after marrying the human rights attorney. A year after tying knots, they reportedly thought about having children while talking outside their friend's house.

Per Clooney, they saw a kid inside the home. While walking outside, they realized how lucky they were they got each other, and that was when they decided to share "their luck" with their own children.

In 2017, they finally welcomed twins Alexander and Ella, and both of them could still clearly recall how emotional they were when they saw Amal's sonogram.

With that, it is unlikely that Clooney and Amal would end their relationship that easy.

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