Before marrying Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton hasn't always been so formal as she's letting her thoughts out whenever she's disappointed. In recent unearthed reports, the Duchess was once furious at her husband and a friend for doing a shocking thing years back; what could this be?

According to Express UK, the couple was on holiday in 2006 when they were still dating. At the time, the two were still getting to know each other after meeting at a university in Scotland in 2001.

In 2008, author and broadcaster Vicky Ward recalled when the Duchess of Cambridge once launched a furious rant against her then-boyfriend and another companion.

In a written article for Vanity Fair, Ward explained that Prince William, and a friend they referred to as the "court jester" named Guy Pelly, were "careening around on mopeds in front of a rented house" in Ibiza, Spain.

An insider said Middleton was not happy with their actions, so she stepped out of the house in a "matron-like" manner and told them to stop what they were doing.

The Duchess reportedly said, "Anyone could be watching! Go out the back and stop behaving like this!" The two boys immediately followed her orders.

"William may not have liked it, but Middleton's judgment was almost certainly right," Ward went on.

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Other Overseas Travels That Caused Controversy

Per the outlet, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge love to travel to different parts of the world.

However, Prince William traveled alone in 2017 to the Swiss Alps with his pals. The vacation became the center of a media storm at the time.

He missed a Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey; he amassed criticism as he was the only senior royal who was absent from the momentous event.

In addition, he was filmed "dad dancing" at a nightclub, which made things worse.

Earlier this year, one of his friends defended his actions, saying he came to the trip during the time when he had been working long hours as an air ambulance pilot.

Regarding the backlash, the Duke's friend said, "that pissed him off."

Prince William is said to be leaving his home early in the morning and returning after dark to save lives in between, but "people were still being critical of his commitment to his other job."

The Duke later retired from his Air Ambulance service to work as a full-time royal.

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