Brian Laundrie's parents might soon face charges as the investigation into what happened from the day Gabby Petito died until the authorities found skeletal human remains in the Carlton Reserve.

The public is yet to hear another update about Laundrie's case. Still, people insist that Chris and Roberta might be the biggest available keys to see a new development on the case.

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer recently joined News Nation Now's correspondent Brian Entin in an in-depth conversation about fugitives' parents. During the discussion, Coffindaffer revealed Chris and Roberta might be held accountable once a discarded item or a deleted text proves they have something to do with the case.

She added that the investigators would surely name a possible killer even the suspect is dead.

"Do I think that they're probably going to be charged with the evidence we have out in the public? No, but the FBI could have more information pertaining to an obstruction charge," Coffindaffer said.

Following the report, internet users shared their own stand and said the authorities already have all the evidence to charge Chris and Roberta Laundrie from the very start.

Chris, Roberta Laundrie Showed Signs They Helped Brian?

In the post's comments section, users started to query several things about the case and how the Laundries knew all along what was going on.

One said, "We already called this one, there was enough to charge them early on. But what do we know."

"Been too long for anything to happen now. Should have had results by now from forensic anthropologist. I think they're just hoping everyone has forgotten about this & moved on, which is pretty much what has happened. Too bad there's still so many unanswered questions," another added.

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Chris and Roberta have been criticized as the public pointed fingers at them for allegedly helping Laundrie.

One of the most plausible theories showed an image of the patriarch holding a white bag similar to what the authorities found in reserve. At its bottom, a hard rectangular object was seemingly placed under other belongings inside the bag.

Internet users started to assume that the parents planted the evidence and that they are helping their son hide. This supported the previous report about Chris and Roberta finding the remains 30 minutes after joining the search for the first time.

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