Prince Andrew recently hit back against Giuffre's claims and played offense in hopes of winning the case. The US civil lawsuit is currently active and yet to be closed, but the Duke of York just got bombarded with another accusation again.

Amid his lengthy legal showdown, a recent analysis disclosed the 61-year-old's mysterious and outrageous use of the royal family's funds.

The Times (via Express) dropped a recent analysis that highlighted how much he spent on his vehicles, his daughter Princess Eugenie's wedding, and the maintenance of his property.

Prince Andrew's Spending Habits Questionable

According to the report, the royal prince receives around $335,000 annual stipend from Queen Elizabeth II. He also gets about $27,000 as a navy pension.

However, the analysis revealed he spends more than what he earns and previously had a $2 million loan.

David Rowland reportedly wired the aforesaid amount to Prince Andrew's Banque Havilland SA in December 2017. The Duke of York allegedly got the amount to repay a loan he made with the bank 11 days earlier.

What was worse is that he still availed the loan despite a Banque Havilland staff's warning that it was "not in line with the risk appetite of the bank."

"While the (increased) loan is unsecured and granted solely against the credibility of the applicant, both his position and that his mother is the sovereign monarch of the United Kingdom should provide access to funds for repayment if need be," the document said, as quoted by Bloomberg.

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The analysis then led to the news outlet digging Prince Andrew's past spending habits, showing how he recklessly cashed out his money despite not earning that much.

Former UK government minister Norman Baker then urged the parliament to investigate the matter as soon as possible to discover the duke's business dealings.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Prince Andrew released a statement following the emergence of the report. Per the representative, Queen Elizabeth II's son "is entitled to a degree of privacy in conducting his entirely legitimate, personal financial affairs, on which all appropriate accounting measures are undertaken and all taxes duly paid."

In 2020, he acquired a Bentley despite having two Range Rovers he already has. He also expands his luxury watches collection, living a multimillion life despite not earning a single million per year.

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