Queen Elizabeth II experienced another annus horribilis nearly two decades since the first one in 1992 occurred.

This year, Queen Elizabeth II faced all the problems she could face throughout her reign as the monarch. Almost all the central royal members have been embroiled in damaging scandals. She also lost her only pillar when Prince Philip died. What's worse is that these problems affected her by compromising her health.

One month before this year ends, the Queen's press secretary from 1990 to 1997 called 2021 the new horrible year for Her Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth II Faces New Damaging Year

In the new Channel Five documentary, "2021: The Queen's Horrible Year," Charles Anson announced the new annus horribilis that recently bombarded the Queen's life. Still, he commended Her Majesty and the monarchy for going strong despite all odds.

"The strength of our monarchy is that it is able to adapt. It's changing and I think providing the values are still there, it often changes for the better," he said.

In comparison, the 1992's annus horribilis showed a fire incident that affected Windsor Castle. Both Princess Anne and Prince Andrew's marriages came to an end. This year, Queen Elizabeth II dealt with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's issues after leaving the monarchy, Prince Andrew's legal battle, Prince Charles' scandal, and Prince Philip's death. Among others.

According to the documentary producer Stewart Purvis, CBE, she seemingly lost everyone she thought would always be there until her death.

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Despite all the events, she remains stronger than ever and even earned respect for that.

Per Purvis, the Queen became the symbol that people hoped for from a royal family.

"I think the future of the Royal Family is more secure as a result of the way she's steered us through these difficult months," he went on.

Queen Elizabeth II has also been dealing with health issues, causing people to assume that the monarchy might be crumbling down already. But ahead of her Platinum Jubilee, the central members of the royal family have been stepping up to cover for her and continue doing her engagements.

Although she faced another challenging year, the Queen still lives by her pledge to dedicate her whole life to the service of the Commonwealth.

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