Alec Baldwin probably saw development on the "Rust" shooting incident investigation that he already started ensuring his safety from all the potential charges over Halyna Hutchins' death.

While Hutchins' family has not filed a lawsuit against Baldwin or any "Rust" crew members yet, script supervisor Mamie Mitchell and gaffer Serge Svetnoy already named the actor one of the culprits behind the incident.

Both of them want Baldwin and other people to be held responsible for Hutchins' death.

Although the investigation has not released a new statement yet, several internet users already want him to receive charges - with involuntary manslaughter as one of which.

Can Alec Baldwin Receive Involuntary Manslaughter Charges Over Halyna Hutchins' death?

On Twitter, the public shared their thoughts over the "Rust" shooting incident and suggested Baldwin receive all the possible charges he reportedly deserves.

One said, "Could anyone tell me when Alec Baldwin will be charged with at the very least involuntary manslaughter?"

Justia describes involuntary manslaughter as an unintentional killing due to recklessness or criminal negligence. It serves as the lowest category of homicide.

"Alec Baldwin should have been arrested for manslaughter atleast and then stood trial," one commented on Tim Pool's post. 

The journalist previously wrote, "Alec Baldwin won't get arrest because he is rich, well connected, and the narrative seeded immediately after he killed that woman was that it was an accident. Trials today are based on social media and people's willingness to riot."

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However, some people think that involuntary manslaughter is "too much" and that Baldwin should be charged with negligence only. Still, others noted it is not safe to say yet that the firing of the gun was not on purpose.

As of the writing, the actor is keeping himself busy by hiring attorney Aaron S. Dyer of New York-based law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. According to Fox News, he already lawyered up after two crew members filed a lawsuit against him and other staff.

Baldwin reportedly received the Colt revolver from assistant director Dave Halls while rehearsing a scene for the movie on October 21. He fired the gun after being told it was a cold one. However, a live round was discharged and ended up killing Halyna Hutchins.

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