Jesy Nelson was allegedly verbally assaulted while dining with pals in a London restaurant.

The former Little Mix member went out with her friends at a restaurant named Chiltern Firehouse when she got into an incident with another female.

The female, according to The Mirror, was enraged that the famous musician sat on her scarf.

The outlet reported Jesy got into a verbal spat with the anonymous female. Close pals of the musician, on the other hand, disputed it.

An insider revealed, "Jesy is the victim of nonstop abuse whether it's online or outside. This girl verbally attacked Jesy who remained calm as she was enjoying a night out with friends."

They went on to say, "The whole thing understandably shook her up. Jesy then apologized to the owner on the girl's behalf and continues to be welcomed back at Chiltern Firehouse.

"This is just one more event she has to cope with," says the Essex native, who has done films on her experience of being targeted.

"It's a never-ending situation."

According to another story by The Sun, a girl approached Jesy and began blabbering about her scarf.

"They had sat on it without knowing. It was a bit awkward but things seemed to calm down quickly."

The source said that the girl called Jesy a "f-----g hoe" and that they reportedly yelled at each other endlessly.

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Another Jesy Nelson Drama

NoHun, a famous social media personality, believes that he was "set up" and that Jesy Nelson pushed him to reveal the private chats with Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

NoHun revealed DMs reportedly sent to him by Leigh-Anne in which she labeled Jesy "a nasty person," as previously reported.

Because of the criticism, the social media celebrity said he banned Jesy on Whatsapp and "told her what he thought of her" before terminating connections with the singer.

He also revealed that he had evidence in voice notes but hasn't released them.

"I can't believe I was so blind, I was set up blatantly set up I was set up, I was set up I'm telling ya," NoHun said.

He went on to say, "Do you know why? Because Jesy was messaging me on WhatsApp before it even happened and I've got the voice notes on my phone I've still got them."

"I saved them and yeah she was saying 'what am I going to do Rory, what am I going to do?' I don't know she was like emotionally manipulating me in a way."

Referring to the messages allegedly sent by Leigh-Anne, NoHun explained, "And then someone else, like a friend of hers, said to be like I think you should put those messages out."

"You'd be showing people that that person in a bully."

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