Does Kim Kardashian have a secret anger towards her estranged husband Kanye West?

Kanye thinks that God would bring them together in his most recent social media post, which has since been removed.

Despite their divorce and the fact that the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is dating Pete Davidson, the award-winning rapper has made some very public claims that their marriage is still going strong and that the divorce is not in effect.

A body language specialist, on the other hand, feels that Kim and Kanye will never reconcile.

According to Judi James, the KKW Beauty entrepreneur harbors "hidden animosity" against the "Donda" rapper.

The former power couple and their oldest daughter North recently attended late designer Virgil Abloh's farewell exhibition for Louis Vuitton in Miami.

Despite the twilight occasion, the 41-year-old reality personality wore an all-black attire with large sunglasses.

Her ex wore shades and a hat, but he injected brightness to his clothing with dashes of color.

North was also photographed with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, with Kanye placing his arm over his ex-shoulders. wife's

They've stayed close after their divorce, co-parenting their children and supporting one other.

Kim even went to every "Donda" listening party.

However, Judi James has some thoughts about the former couple's current photos.

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's Body Language

Though Kanye placed his arm on his ex's shoulder, Kim's response is to lean into the pose, but her hand gesture is "unusual," according to Judi James, who spoke to The Mirror.

"Her hand between their torsos is raised and balled into a fist, which signals tension or even anger rather than love and harmony."

She also said, "Although there is a suggestion that Kanye might really be hoping that 'God', or Vuitton front row seats, or even a seismic shift in Pete Davidson's dating schedules will bring him and Kim back together again, it's less obvious from the body language that Kim is quite so on-message."

In Feb., Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West after months of speculation that they were to end their marriage.

After several marriage counseling sessions, it has been revealed that the parents of four kids have no strength to fix their marriage anymore as they both have exerted all their efforts already.

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