Wendy Williams has had a difficult few months, according to reports. 

She hasn't been on "The Wendy Williams Show" since September after getting COVID and being taken to the hospital for mental issues.

Aside from allegations of her health problems and the cancellation of her program, Wendy's heart is still crushed, and she's still battling - not because of her unfaithful husband, but because she can't seem to get over her mother's death. 

Wendy's divorce from Kevin Hunter, according to her brother Tommy Williams, who talked to The Sun, compounded her sadness over her mother's death last year. 

Tommy added in the interview that since their grandmother died, he, Wendy, and the rest of their family have been battling and grieving.

"We've all been struggling with and I can speak for myself definitely is the passing of our mother, the matriarch of the family. It's not easy."

Wendy's renowned younger brother, who had chastised her for not attending their mother's funeral last year, admitted that he believed he might have handled the matter better.

He explained, "I was rather aggressive in coming out and not being as empathetic as I should have been, or as supportive as I should have been. That was my knee-jerk reaction."

The YouTuber also claimed that his mourning father interfered in his and Wendy's feud, urging him to speak with the media star.

"Thankfully I had my patriarch who was able to talk to me and say: 'Tommy, you might want to call your sister. Everybody's dealing with things in a different manner, plus, she's dealing with her divorce from Kevin."

"And I'm like, oh, yeah, you know, I have to remember that it's not all about 'oh you weren't at the funeral.'"

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Other Wendy Williams Update

Meanwhile, Tommy Williams previously disclosed in an interview that Wendy Williams had discussed her intentions for when her talk show stops. 

Wendy wants to be a career counselor for individuals who want to make it great in the profession, he stated. 

Tommy likewise feels that his sister will be successful in whatever she chooses to pursue.

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