Jessica Simpson's marriage with Eric Johnson is reportedly on the verge of crumbling down.

For years, Simpson enjoyed highs in her career, business, and family life. In fact, she marked a new milestone in her life when she celebrated her 11th anniversary with her husband.

But only a few days after posting it, the American singer reportedly used the post as a smokescreen to hide what has been really going on with her and her husband.

A source told Us Weekly that Simpson and Johnson are currently holding on to a small string of their relationship and might break up soon.

"They maintain a certain image by posing for all these mushy social media posts. But behind it all, there are difficulties - and it's a lie for Jessica or Eric to state otherwise," the insider said.

Despite having a successful business, Simpson reportedly began realizing she needed Johnson more than anything else. Unfortunately, Johnson's impending departure already made her paranoid.

On top of that, the singer's jealousy reportedly made everything worse as it suffocated Johnson. An insider described Johnson as aged 20 years in the last decade.


Despite that, Simpson is said to have crossed out the possibility of divorce.

Are Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Hitting Rock Bottom?

Simpson seemingly blooms in all aspects of her life - far from what the news outlet claimed.

The singer's intimate social media captions can prove that she and her husband remain on good terms and are growing older together. In addition, they have been supporting one another to ensure they can both improve their lives for the better.

Simpson herself also once addressed her marriage to Johnson, saying they have been connected in all mysterious ways.

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"In terms of my marriage to Eric, I have never felt more myself or more free," she said, "[we] have a true mind, body and soul connection."

The singer has also been open about how their relationship was love at first sight for her, saying she fell head over slippers in love even before the former athlete finally proposed to her in November 2010. Despite only dating for six months, they showed how united they are and how they love each other amid all divorce and split claims.

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