Wait, what happened?

Machine Gun Kelly, music star and recent founder of his new nail polish line Un/Dn, and best friend and controversially attractive SNL star Pete Davidson, stripped down to their underwear on Instagram last night. The two took over Calvin Klein's Instagram account and struck a variety of poses to promote the company's new campaign. After an absolutely wild night of pictures and positions, the iconic duo wrapped up the night posting on the account a picture of the two of them with the caption, "did we nail it or did we nail it." The consensus was, of course: nailed it!

One picture from the night definitely stood out among the rest. In the picture MGK is pouring popcorn into Pete Davidson's mouth, both of them clad in their classic Calvin Klein briefs. There are few perfect pictures in this world, but once there is you can be sure it is going to get memed. Memes of this friend-feeding photo have been plastered all over social media. The most popular of these memes is from the popular Instagram account Drunk Astrology.

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The account is specifically designed for astrology-related memes; they personalize each picture to corelate with one of the twelve different astrological signs. While they are not the only ones making astrology memes, they are certainly at the top of the game!

The account, as self-described in the bio is, "memes by two aries pals." The two have officially outsourced to a website where they sell various astrology-related merchandise. (Holiday shopping anyone?)

Which MGK-Pete-Davidson-Calvin-Klein-Underwear-Photo-Astrology-Specific meme best describes you?