Jennifer Garner is said to be fed up with her ex-husband devoting so much time to their rekindled romance.

With Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's all-consuming affair, the former "Alias" actor hit her breaking point.

OK! received information from a source close to the situation that the 49-year-old Hollywood A-lister was enraged when Affleck cut their family's Thanksgiving get-together short so he could spend the most of the day with his girlfriend's children.

Garner was allegedly "a bit surprised" when Affleck didn't tell her he was planning to leave her and their sharing children, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9, ahead of time.

The insider went on to say, "They've always had a pact to co-parent on holidays, so for him to duck out that way didn't sit well with her."

Now, the source is claiming that things are taking a dramatic turn.

"Word is, Jen was so riled up that she called JLo to give her a piece of her mind."

In Garner's eyes, Affleck may have whatever connection he wants with the "Maid In Manhattan" actress, but it's critical for Affleck that "he puts them first" when it comes to their children.

Ben Affleck, on the other hand, does not appear to recognize a problem but has devised a solution.

He allegedly advised his children to "mix" with Garner's and Lopez's families.

Unfortunately, Garner was not pleased with the answer, and he was claimed to have been even more enraged since it was a "sensitive matter."


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Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, was apparently taken aback by the event and sided with Jennifer Garner, saying that her lover should have handled it better.

The insider said, "She doesn't think she deserved to be targeted like that."

"She should be ready for dynamics to change since they're a strong pair and they'll establish their holiday traditions," the 52-year-old Latina is said to be urging the "Batman v. Superman" actor to inform Garner.

Lopez is also said to be "pleased to include" Garner's children.

Affleck is believed to have explored blending families, especially with the holidays approaching.

According to another story from the publication, while Garner and Lopez will never be best friends, they have found common ground in doing what is best for their children.

Still, these stories should be taken with a grain of salt.

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