Ben Affleck seemingly had second thoughts before reigniting his relationship with Jennifer Lopez this year.

Affleck and Lopez had a long connection despite their initial failed relationship. After getting engaged in 2002, they never said I do's as the now-couple-again went on to marry different people.

This year, they gave their relationship a second try, and it has been doing well since day one.

However, the "Justice League" actor recently opened up about his struggles and concerns before dating Lopez again.

What Kept Ben Affleck From Dating Jennifer Lopez?

On Tuesday, Affleck sat down for an interview with Howard Stern, where he touched on his previous relationship with Jennifer Garner and his newfound love with Lopez.

According to the actor, dating again after his 13-year marriage with Garner was not easy since he is now a father.

"It crossed my mind for sure. My responsibility to my children is the highest responsibility I have," he explained. "I don't want to do anything that is painful or destructive to them if I can help it."

With that, he believes that his life affects his children, and the aftereffects of his dating life with Lopez could hit them in every way possible. Unfortunately, he already inflicted struggles on his young kids since he and Garner are celebrities.

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As he found it hard to start again, Affleck also faced hardships due to "horrible lies" that emerged amid his divorce from his ex-wife. This time, he explained what ultimately went wrong and how they agreed to part ways.

Per Affleck, Garner is someone he loves and respects but to whom he knew he should not be married anymore. The estranged couple still tried to make their married life work. However, they decided to split since they did not want their marriage to be the model their kids see.

He then told Stern that he would still be drinking if he and Garner were still together.

"Part of why I was drinking alcohol is I was trapped. I can't leave because of my kids, I'm not happy, what do I do?" he said.

After gobbling bottles of alcohol, Affleck eventually realized that drinking might not be the solution at all.

Following the divorce, he became sober and started referring to that moment of his life as something he would always be ashamed of.

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