Funnyman turned horror director Jordan Peele and The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick are sharing a bit of punk rock fun this holiday season. Their new Netflix Original film Wendell & Wild has just dropped a fun little teaser to get fans ready for what they have in store.

According to Netflix's official synopsis for the film,

Wendell & Wild is an animated feature film from writer/director Henry Selick (Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline) and writer Jordan Peele (Key & Peele, Get Out) with Monkeypaw Productions. Two demon brothers (voiced by Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele) escape the Underworld and find themselves in a town where they must evade a demon-duster teenager, Kat, who is trying to destroy them. Peele is also producing through his Monkeypaw company along with Selick and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein from the Gotham Group. Sarah Serata will co-produce. Executive producers are Win Rosenfeld for Monkeypaw, Peter Principato and Joel Zadak for Principato-Young, Lindsay Williams and Eddie Gamarra for The Gotham Group. Argentinian artist Pablo Lobato will design the characters.

With the quirky stop-motion style of Selick and the creative mind of Peele, this looks like it is going to be something to behold. Netflix took to Twitter today to promote the film with a silly teaser where we get a glimpse of main character Kat's boombox blasting out a punk rendition of Deck The Halls as the camera zooms in to find a couple of skeletons inside the radio enjoying some holiday cheer. There is also a link in the post to where you can hear more music including the Free Radio Beats to Chill/Summon Demons To playlist where you can hear punk groups Bad Brains, Big Joanie, Nafets, Sate, and Death. Punk and stop-motion animation, what a pair!

Wendell & Wild has no official release date as of yet but is due to hit Netflix sometime in 2022.