Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian take their love on a romantic holiday after dating for more than two months.

On Jan. 3, the new couple was pictured leaving their airport on a private plane.

According to reports, they are planning a romantic holiday to the Bahamas. The trip follows their separate New Year's Eve celebrations.

While the "Saturday Night Live" star was in Miami for an NBC New Year's Eve Special, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" actress was in California with her children.

It didn't take long for them to rejoin, though. But it's not as if they hadn't seen one other in the days leading up to New Year's.

The 28-year-old comedian spent time in California with the KKW Beauty mogul before and after Christmas.

Despite the intensity of their love, Kanye West is unable to accept Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's connection.

The "Donda" rapper has been having a hard time accepting the fact that he and Kim are no longer together.

In February 2021, the mother of four filed for divorce, but Ye apparently hasn't recognized their new relationship status.

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Sorry Pete Davidson -- Kanye West Is NOT Going Anywhere

So much so that a source said Kanye is struggling to cope with their divorce and that his affections for Kim "will never go away."

According to a source who talked to Hollywood Life, the rapper's separation was a low time for him.

"Kanye doesn't like losing and the way that the relationship has dwindled is one of the biggest L's Kanye has ever dealt with."

They went on to say, "Journeying out into the dating world will be done and Kanye knows that he will have many options based on his celebrity but to have lost and broken things with Kim is something he will never get over."

Because the former power couple has four children, they will continue to be involved in one other's lives, and according to a source, Kanye will continue to try to rekindle his relationship with Kim, despite her having moved on with her life.

"He will always be fighting for her even if seems very likely that they will never get back with each other," the insider said.

"And the fact that he will be in her life forever because of the kids just stresses things even more that he will never not be in love with her, he will always be trying to win her back day in and day out."

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