Is Jennifer Lopez a bad role model for Ben Affleck? 

During his high-profile affair with the "Jenny From The Block" hitmaker, the "Batman V. Superman" star is apparently under a lot of pressure to resuscitate his career. 

His buddies, according to unidentified sources who talked to OK magazine, are concerned and feel he is acting erratically. 

"He makes a lot of poor choices." 

Ben raised eyebrows on Dec. 14 when he admitted to feeling stuck in his marriage to ex-wife Jennifer Garner. 

It was the reason, he revealed in an interview, that he began to drink incessantly. 

In a subsequent interview, Ben retracted his sentiments, admitting that his remarks "hurt his feelings."

Despite the apologies, the former couple's pals were surprised by his words, as the "Alias" actor drove Ben to treatment in 2018. 

"It's concerning that he's venting his emotions on Jen, who has attempted to assist him in his recovery." 

The 49-year-old actor also seemed to be having trouble making his restored romance with JLo last. 

"The fact that they ever got back together feels like a miracle," the person continued. He doesn't want to cause any problems." 

Following a string of box office failures, Ben Affleck is said to be anxious to resurrect his career by taking on back-to-back films.

He is "pushing himself much too hard and perhaps putting unrealistic demands on himself" as a result of his behavior. 

Friends have noted that the "Gone Girl" star seems tense, and they are hopeful that he can relax - for his own benefit. 

"Ben has been working himself to exhaustion and needs to take a break." 

"Otherwise, at this pace, he's a ticking time bomb ready to erupt," they said. 

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Jennifer Lopez's Team Is Pressuring Her To Break Up With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez's team apparently wants her to break up with Ben Affleck because they feel he would harm her reputation, especially after his comments about Jennifer Garner, according to another New Idea article. 

"They're scared that 'woke America' will cancel her show, so they're holding covert crisis meetings to try to stay ahead of it all." 

Friends and relatives are said to be upset that JLo and Ben have reconciled. 

The Real Story Behind Ben Affleck's and Jennifer Lopez's Rumors 

Take OK magazine's article and New Idea's findings with a grain of salt. The news organizations have no solid evidence that these things are going on behind the scenes.

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