The highly anticipated Cyrano film starring Peter Dinklage has everyone excitedly flocking to hear the classic old tale. Like all the classics, this is certainly not the first adaptation, and it won't be the last. The story of the less attractive man who helps a beautiful man be with the woman they both love is a painful and true romance that has understandably affected the hearts of many since the story's inception. Here are some of our favorite versions of the tale!

1. Roxanne

Roxanne, a quirky adaptation of the classic tale, stars Steve Martin as C.D. Bales. He hates the size of his nose and, when the perfect woman is in love with the aesthetic of another man, Bales helps him woo her.

2. Sierra Boggess is a Loser

When in doubt, take a classic story and set it in a high school. Sierra Boggess is a Loser tells the story of a less-than cool girl who gets mistakenly texted by a guy who thinks she is the coolest girl in school. A classic, modern day Cyrano situation ensues.

3. Megamind

What happens when you take a romance and give it a superhero spin? Megamind is a 2010 animated film in which super villain Megamind, after defeating super hero Metro Man, must coach a new adversary for himself. It is a playful animated twist on the classic tale.

4. Let it Shine

When Cyrus, played by Tyler James Williams, wins a rap contest, everyone mistakenly assumes it was his cooler, more attractive friend who won. This victory leads his friend Kris not only to Cyrus's dream career but also to his dream girl. However, as Cyrus has to hide his dreams of being a rapper from his father, the best case scenario is to be the behind the scenes man while Kris gets everything Cyrus wants.

5. Cyrano, My Love

This may not be an adaptation of the classic story, but it is a French comedy about the making of the original Cyrano de Burgac. Everyone lives a behind-the-scenes story! They especially love it when the behind-the-scenes story is about another behind-the-scenes story. This behind-the-scenes-story turducken makes Cyrano, My Love absolutely unmissable.

6. The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Truth About Cats and Dogs takes a very female-oriented 1996 spin on the classic Cyrano tale. When an interesting male listener calls into Abby's, played by Janeane Garofalo, she describes herself looking like her tall, blonde friend Noelle, played by Uma Thurman. If this post has given you any understanding of Cyrano, I'm sure you can guess what happens next!

7. Whatever it Takes

Is it possible to DOUBLE CYRANO? Well, with this movie it certainly is! Whatever it Takes follows the story of the nerdy Ryan, who is played by Shane West, who is love with the very popular Ashley Grant, who is played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, and popular Chris Campell, played by James Franco, who is in love with Ryan's friend Maggie Carter, played by Marla Sokoloff. They agree to help each other get the girl with some intense double-Cyrnao action!

8. The Ugly Truth

In The Ugly Truth, producer Abby Richter, played by Katherine Heigl, wants a handsome doctor to fall for her, and perverse guest commentator Mike Chadway, played by Gerard Butler, coaches her. While helping her get the guy, the two begin to realize that the real guy for her may not be so far out of her reach (or her office)!

9. The Half of It

This 2020 modern Cyrano adaptation The Half of It brings the story back to high school. When nerdy student Ellie starts trying to help the popular but brainless Paul win over one of the most popular girls in school. In the process she realizes her feelings for the popular girl may be a bit more than platonic.

10. Set it Up

Now, there is even some discrepancy among the cast on whether or not the Netflix rom-com Set it Up fits the Cyrano bill. Two assistants, Harper, played by Zoey Deutch, and Charlie, played by Glen Powell, through an intimate understanding of their boss's lives and schedules, pair them up, ensuring they are perfect for each other. However, in all of their setting up and manipulation they find something real and powerful between each other.

Check out the upcoming film Cyrano in its United States release on January 28th, 2022.