Lori Harvey is 25 years old!

Lori Harvey, the socialite daughter of Steve Harvey and the love of Michael B. Jordan's life, is celebrating her twenty fifth birthday today, and at a time when most twenty-somethings go through what stand-up comedian Taylor Tomlinson has coined your, "Quarter-Life Crisis," the pictures he posted on her Instagram for her special day make us feel confident that she has everything together!

To celebrate this milestone day, Harvey posted a variety of glamourous pictures of herself, dressed in the style of an old-timey movie star with the quintesential Lori-Harvey-moden-day twist.

Her updo, stylish jewlery around her neck and wrists, and elegant long black gloves immediately have us thinking back to the stunning magnetism of Audrey Hepburn. She carries this energy through all of the photos in the mini-album, effortlessly rocking a 1950s headscarf, black pants suit, and rectangular sunglasses while lounging gracefully in a classic car. Harvey captures this essence and makes it captivating all on her own.

While Harvey has always been a stunner to watch out for, she has become one of America's top style icons in the past few months. From her time at Art Basel to casually doing errands around town, the blooming fashionista has become the quintessential go to to answer the daily question, "What should I wear?"

The world is her runway, and we are so glad we have tickets to the show! We can't wait to see what this bold, confident individual brings with her into this next chapter of her life.

Happy Birthday, Lori!