Lori Harvey, the daughter of Steve Harvey, is absolutely KILLING IT with her Art Basel looks. Her high fashion, scroll-stopping outfits have been taking over our Instagram feeds, and we are not mad about it. She is effortlessly making Art Basel her own personal runway. She has been taking to Instagram to show off this HIGHEST QUALITY fit-game. This iconic shirt, skirt, and blazer combo pictured below was coupled with the caption, "Had lunch with @maisonvalentino for Art Basel." First of all, she looks unquestionably amazing. Secondly, the sheer bada** confidence she possesses to wear all white to eat lunch: out of this world! If these incredible outfits don't make Michael B. Jordan fall in love with her all over again, we don't know what will. (Don't worry. We know he doesn't need any convincing on our end!)

Michael B. Jordan recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the love he feels for the style icon herself. When talking about his career and relationship with Harvey he said, "There are roles that I passed on that I knew I didn't have enough life experience to play. I was like, 'What can I pull from?' But I finally found what love was." Due to this discovery, we can plan to see Jordan in the upcoming romantic drama A Journal for Jordan.  We're not crying, you're crying! Again, can we blame him? Just look at how SENSATIONAL she looks in this second Art Basel fit.

We have our eyes on this icon. We can't wait to see what other incredible projects, and incredible outfits, she pulls out! (Also, we'll be keeping an eye on her beautiful relationship with Micahel B. Jordan - our FULL favorite!)