Tammy Sytch, a former WWE wrestler popularly known for her stage name Sunny, has been arrested under multiple charges in New Jersey.

According to TMZ Sports, the 49-year-old retired wrestler was arrested in Keansburg for allegedly unlawfully possessing a weapon and making terroristic threats.

Information regarding the alleged crimes remains a mystery. Still, police records show Sytch was hit with a total of three charges: two for illegally possessing a weapon and one for the terrorist threats.

There are also no details whether the abovementioned weapon was a firearm.

The outlet noted that the state of New Jersey doesn't have felonies and misdemeanors because they follow "degrees."

If the degree is lower, the more potential jail or prison time, a person could possibly face.

If Sytch is convicted, she could face three to five years in prison as the threats charge has a minimum of a one-year sentence.

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Not Tammy Sytch's First Run-In With Law

In 2019, the former WWE Legend was also arrested in the state after being caught drunk while driving for the sixth time.

Per authorities, Sytch was reportedly driving the wrong way on a one-way street. She also passed a stop sign.

When police officers got a hold of her, they saw an alcoholic container and immediately assumed that she was drunk. She was arrested for "suspicion of driving while intoxicated."

Aside from that, cops also realized that the wrestler was driving on a suspended license; she also had two warrants of arrest.

A year before the incident, she was just released from jail after spending eight months behind bars.

She was arrested for two DUI arrests that year. She also "blew off" multiple court dates to the point that she was labeled a "fugitive of justice."

When Sytch spoke to the outlet in 2017, she mentioned that she was investing a big amount of money for the sake of her mental health.

The wrestler entered a sober house in Tribeca, New York City, that cost her a whopping $10,000 a month, and she mentioned that it was all worth it.

The rehab facility had 24-hour therapists, doctors, programs that could help residents live a "clean, sober life." She lived with seven roommates at the time.

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