Meghan McCain opened up about the greatest pain a mother could ever face.

McCain finally embraces her new life after exiting "The View" last year. She also landed a new career afterward. However, things are not that perfect for her as she still deals with the heartbreak following her tragic pregnancy loss.

The TV personality recently appeared in a new episode of People's podcast, "Me Becoming Mom," where she detailed her previous miscarriage. She also tried looking at the bright side by saying that her baby is now with her dad, late Sen. John McCain, in the afterlife.

McCain told Head of Digital at People and podcast host Zoë Ruderman that it is still emotional for her thinking about the baby she could have had.

"The only thing that gives me peace and solace... I feel like that child is with my dad in the afterlife or in heaven. And for whatever reason, it wasn't meant to be here at that time. But it's very hard," she said.

She shared the same sentiments when she publicly revealed her miscarriage in an op-ed for New York Times in 2019. At that time, she reportedly found the event "mentally, emotionally, physically debilitating."

Currently, McCain shares her 15-month-old daughter Liberty Sage with her husband, Ben Domenech. The child arrived more than a year after the pregnancy loss.

Meghan McCain Found Solace In Her Late Father

As she deals with the heartbreaking phase in her life, McCain comforted herself by thinking of her late dad, six-term Senator John McCain.

The Vietnam veteran died at the age of 81 in August 2018, a year after he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. His doctors discovered his tumor when he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye.

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Aside from thinking about her father's memory, she also notably left her job on "The View" and relocated to a permanent home in Washington D.C. She said that getting away from New York allowed her to find three simple things in the new chapter of her career: meaningful, impactful, and something that makes her happy.

"When I think about where I want Liberty to take her first steps and her first words, I just have this wonderful life here that I felt ultimately like I didn't want to leave," she went on.

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