Prince Andrew has embarrassed the royal family so much that the MP for York does not want to see the same in the city.

Amid the ongoing civil lawsuit filed against Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II finally moved the glass and drew a line between her son and the monarchy by removing his titles. But despite not having his military titles and royal patronages anymore, Prince Andrew still has his dukedom which still recognizes him as a royal.

However, the MP for York immediately called for the removal of his duke title to save the city and prevent its image from being tarnished.

York's MP Rachael Maskell said that Prince Andrew should not have the title another day longer following the US court judge's verdict over his request to dismiss the case. She explained that the royal prince might harm the city sooner than expected.

"There's a very serious allegation made against this man of privilege & entitlement. I'm working with agencies to tackle sexual violence & misogyny. #NotInYorksName," she said.

Meanwhile, the councilors in the city supporter her wish and called for the removal of Prince Andrew's dukedom, as well.

Labor group leader Pete Kilbane said Prince Andrew lost "all respect and trust from the public."

"Decent people would want to put as much distance between the city and the Duke as possible," he said. "We trust that this is now being addressed."

People Cutting Ties From Prince Andrew

With the duke's recent shameful dealings, more people urged everyone to use every level possible to cut ties with Prince Andrew.

In an interview with Mail Online, senior Lib Dem councilor Darryl Smalley expressed his desire to see Prince Andrew give up his dukedom.

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"I think many, many people in the city really are quite aggrieved that whilst many of his titles have been removed - those that are associated to the military and other organisations - the ones that actually ties a whole city with a population of 200,000 are what is retained," he went on.

Queen Elizabeth II has not commented on the new demand. However, the current legislation states that an act of parliament is needed to officially remove Prince Andrew's Duke of York title. He has been using it since his marriage in 1986.

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