Julia Roberts' half-sister has claimed the actress used to bully her for being overweight when they were younger. 

Nancy Moates, who once weighed nearly 300 pounds spoke to Star magazine in the Aug. 26th edition and insisted that the Oscar-winning actress previously teased her about her appearance. 

"When I was in High School and she was an adult, she would just let me know that I was definitely overweight," Moates reportedly said. 

"She made me feel incredibly hurt and very sad," Moates added.

According to reports, Moates said that Roberts was never supportive of the way she looked and made it clear that the main reason the actress acted so mean to her was because of her weight. 

Moates claimed that she accepted the verbal abuse until she finally decided to have gastric bypass surgery to shed her weight off in 2012.  

Robert's half sister is now 155 lbs, and hopes that her relationship with the actress can be improved now that she is no longer overweight. 

Moates said she understood that losing weight wasn't going to be easy, but thinks Roberts will act more nicer towards her. 

Earlier reports indicated that Roberts intended to skip Moates upcoming to wedding to fiancé John Dilbeck next year because she hates the groom and doesn't want to feel obligated to paying for bill. 

"Now, with Nancy openly attacking her in the press, this just ices it," a source said. 

Roberts has yet to comment on the claim.