The second trailer for this winter's RoboCop has finally been released

Sony's decision to reboot the 1987 sci-fi classic originally drew skepticism and early production photos were criticized for their lack of similarity to canon. However, now that fans can see their hero in motion, perhaps some of the biting edge will be removed from the dreaded word "reboot."

Set in 2029, Earth has seen an increase in security technology. As OmniCorp devises robot stratagems for wartime, an injured Detroit cop gets a chance to bring the companies new advances to the civilian world. Injured and close to death, Alex (Joel Kinnaman) is given a chance to continue serving his community as a human/robot hybrid.

However, trouble arises when it turns out that the cops new body only gives him the illusion of control, that is until the sheer force of human will begins to override the mechanical structure.

Staring Kinnaman as the title character, the José Padilha (Elite Squad: The Enemy Within) directed film also includes Gary Oldman (Paranoia) as OmniCorp's Dr. Dennett Norton and Samuel L. Jackson (The Avengers) as Pat Novak.

Check out the trailer below as you wait for RoboCop to hit theaters this coming February.

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