Recent reports suggest that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 -- expected to be released in early 2014 -- may not include the same fingerprint scanner the latest iPhone offers, leaving some prospective buyers disappointed.

The iPhone 5S TouchID fingerprint scanner built into the home button was a big innovation for Apple, putting it ahead of many of its competitors in the smartphone market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reportedly does not have a fingerprint scanner and the latest official Samsung Galaxy S5 news claims Samsung will also take a pass on the feature in its Samsung Galaxy S lineup, according to The Inquisitr.

"We never officially admitted that Samsung was weighing the fingerprint system and Knox for Galaxy Note 3 for security functions. We are not yet developing the technology," an un-named Samsung executive stated.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors stated that future generations of the Samsung Galaxy S will feature biometrics technology from Korean company Crucialtec, who makes the fingerprint "swipe" scanner seen on laptops. Apple bought a different company, Authentec, in order to make its iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner.

Some other Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors focus on the device's display. The Galaxy S5 blog, Galaxy, created a concept for the device that includes a flexible display with oleophobic coating that wraps around the edges. The Galaxy S5 concept has a OLED YOUM display that is of 5.3-inches in size. The extended screen gets rid of the physical buttons from the sides and will be replaced with touch sensor -based buttons for volume and camera. This concept has Aluminium Unibody Construction and a waterproof and shockproof body. The concept includes a touch sensor-based home screen and power button, among other features

Look at photos of the design concept here.

An exact release date for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has not been announced, however, it may be unveiled at the 2014 Mobile World Congress event that will be held from Feb. 24- 27.