Despite rumors of a break-up, actors Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried are apparently still going strong.

The couple was spotted cruising around New York City on a Vespa Tuesday, according to The Daily Mail. (See the photos here.)

The couple was spotted together just days after it was reported on Celebrity Dirty Laundry that Long was considering breaking up with the 27-year-old actress at the urging of friends and family, because she is a "serial dater."

"Justin wants to settle down and get married, but his friends don't think Amanda is the right girl for him," a source told the website.

The source also said that Long isn't listening to the warnings, telling friends that "he's a big boy and only time will tell."

Seyfried has previously revealed to Showbiz Spy how much her parents' 30+ year- long marriage has convinced her that her Mr. Right is out there.

"I have learned from my mom, Ann, the importance of a long relationship," she said. "She and my dad Jack have been together for more than 30 years. It always gives me hope of a good long-term relationship."

"I have had boyfriends and I have been in love. I would never think of sleeping with someone else when I am in a relationship," she continued. "The result is that I admire people who are able to avoid affairs."

Seyfried's previous boyfriends have included her All My Children co-star Micah Alberti for four years, actor and musician Jesse Marchant for two years, Mamma Mia co-star Dominic Cooper for 3 years, and actors Ryan Phillippe and Josh Hartnett.

Long's previously best-known relationship was with Drew Barrymore for three years, but the two split in 2010.