Singer Lily Allen released a lyric video for her latest hit, Air Balloon on Tuesday.

The video was released as part of a response to rocker Kelly Osbourne tweeting "I wonder what my song #SongOfTheDay be today?" on Tuesday.

Allen responded to the tweet by linking to her video.

The video starts off with a range of colorful backgrounds going in and out with a spinning diamond in front.

The song begins, showing the lyrics in light pink with a hot pink sky in the background. As the song continues, the background changes with more colors and shapes, including black and white stripes with yellow lyrics.

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When Allen sings "'Cause I'm lookin' up at the ceiling/but it's turning into the floor," the words pop out of the diamonds like balloons, which could be a representation of the song's title.

There are also moments with lyrics on buildings popping out with eye balls on the top as well as purple hearts across the building. When Allen sings "I've been thinking," there is a glowing brain below the word "thinking."

When the chorus comes up, the lyrics go into a circle around a hot air balloon.

"Come meet me in the sky/I'll be waiting for you/and we can't hear what they say up in my air balloon, air balloon, air balloon, air balloon," Allen sings.

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The video then continues with more colorful backgrounds and shots of buildings and hot air balloons.

Allen is most commonly known for her hits Smile, The Fear and 22.