'Transformers 4 Age of Extinction:' Melanie Specht Talks Working With Michael Bay and Playing Stanley Tucci's Boss [VIDEO]


Actress Melanie Specht, who plays Stanley Tucci's boss in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, spoke about working with director Michael Bay and Tucci in a recent interview.

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While speaking to Movie Hole, the actress suggested that the on-set experience was "as thrilling as it was educational." She added that being part of a production of such caliber provided her "with additional insight to the 'sky is the limit' thinking that big production budgets provide."

She also spoke about how the sophisticated equipment being used in the film was was a new experience for her.

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"It was also fascinating to observe that filming was being done by both regular and 3D cameras simultaneously."

While talking about working with Bay, she suggested it was challenging in "the most favorable light."

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"He is very creatively spontaneous and can change what he wants you to do in a heartbeat," she said. "Flexibility is key! I am grateful for the opportunity to have been directed by him."

The actress' role as senior executive Joshua's (Tucci) boss had her spend most of her time with Tucci, and she said working closely with the veteran actor was also a very enriching experence for her.

"The majority of my scenes were with Stanley, so yes I did get to work closely with him, which provided me the opportunity to observe and learn from his on set presence and performance," she said. "He was very personable, gracious and helpful. A real class act!"

Jack Reynor is the male lead of the film and will be playing a race car driver. Nicola Peltz acts as Reynor's girlfriend and Mark Wahlberg will portray Flynn Vincent, Peltz's dad, whose alter ego is Cade Yaeger. Kelsey Grammer will be playing the role of Harold Attinger, a counter-intelligence agent who is the main antagonist in the film.

Transformers: Age of Extinction comes out June 27, 2014.

Watch the first teaser of the film:

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