Though he has repeatedly made it clear how keen he is on reprising his role as Indiana Jones for a rumored Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford may once again be finding his iconic role slipping away from him.

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Though earlier rumors that Bradley Cooper would be replacing the 71-year-old actor were proven to be false, it hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning out several other young actor replacements.

According to TV 3, Robert Pattinson, the 28-year-old actor best known for portraying Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, is a front-runner to take the role away from Ford. Disney is reportedly considering replacing Ford because of his more advanced age, and because of the studio's desire to put out two films in quick succession, with a three-year commitment from a leading man.

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Other potential candidates whose names are floating around include Channing Tatum (who is 34), Kellan Lutz (who is 29), Chris Hemsworth (who is 30) and Chris Pine (who is 33).

If a newer, younger actor is cast, it would mean Disney could be considering rebooting the entire franchise, or perhaps creating prequel films for the story, as 2008's Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull showed an older Indiana Jones character. Ford was 66 when that film was released.

Though replacing Ford is always a potential possibility, the actor has previously made it known that he would want to continue playing the role, and according to a Market Saw report from February, he refused to sign on to Disney's J.J. Abrams helmed Star Wars: Episode VII until the company agreed to let him reprise his role as Indiana Jones as well.

"Regarding Harrison Ford, two more Indiana Jones features are in the negotiation stages as per Ford's contract clause on Star Wars, which is the primary reason he didn't 'publicly' or 'privately' commit, or so I'm told," a source said at the time.

If Ford did have such a clause in his contract for Star Wars, then this new round of rumors concerning Pattinson will eventually be proven false. However, if no such clause ever did exist, the role of Indiana Jones could very well be up for grabs.