Eugene Mirman is right on the line between comedy world eminence and mainstream recognition. He's been active in the standup scene since the early 90s and began releasing comedy albums in the early 2000s, as well as making the podcasting rounds (he's the occasional co-host of Star Talk with Neil Degrasse Tyson) over the last few years.

It's all earned him a reputation as the diehard comedy fan's ideal comic. Meanwhile the average pop culture consumer will recognize his voice as Gene Belcher on Bob's Burgers--arguably the funniest cartoon show currently on TV (sorry, Simpsons).

So whether you're all that familiar with Mirman or not, you should know he's a funny guy. And if you're still not convinced, just see how Mirman handled receiving what he believed (and honestly even sounds to us) was an unfair parking ticket during a recent visit to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

He took out a full page ad in the local paper. In the ad, which you can read below, Mirman details a recent trip he took to Portsmouth with his girlfriend. There was the purchasing of puppets, taking in of the historic downtown area, and possibly the spotting of a black David Cross.

But then the day was halting brought to crash when Mirman and his amour arrived back at their car to find that they're received a parking ticket...for backing up into the space. The rest of the ad brilliantly and humorously highlights the stupidity of the law. I'm not even going to attempt summarize such a witty taking down parking bureaucracy. Just read it for yourself.

(Photo: Reddit)

An image of the ad was uploaded to social news site reddit by user jgb919, where it quickly reached the frontpage.

Oh, and don't think this will be the last of Mirman excoriating the parking clerk's office of the city of Portsmouth. When someone tweeted to Mirman about it, he replied with a tweet that the incident will be featured in his next standup special and comedy album.

Yep. That Mirman is pretty hilarious. Also, the parking laws in Portsmouth are kind of ridiculous.