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Creative Disagreements Turned Ugly: 10 Times Artistic Collaborations Went South

With people's rise to stardom and the veneration around the overnight success story, we sometimes forget that most creative ventures wouldn't be possible without collaboration. However, what the myth of aspiring filmmakers being pressured just to pick up a camera and start shooting leaves out is all the legal and logistical setup that needs to occur, so collaborators can set expectations and delineate how compensation and credits should be divvied up

Joss Whedon Is Done Directing The Avengers After The Second Movie

Marvel seems to be creating a universe and a lot of it could be thanks to the work that Joss Whedon did with the first Avengers movie that really allowed the studio to take off with their films. But could Whedon be done with Marvel soon after he finishes his next movie with them?

Read 'Avengers' Star Tom Hiddleston's Letter To Joss Whedon

History has shown that 'The Avengers' went on to become one of the highest grossing films of all-time, but when it was in the beginning stages, it was still bringing immense joy to those reading the script. Or at least for Tom Hiddleston.
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