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'Justice League' Movie 2015: Darkseid On Board As Main Villain

It's being reported that Warner Bros. is currently working rigorously in order to put the pieces in place needed for the film adaptation of "Justice League." The highly anticipated flick is expected to bring together some of DC Comics' finest on the big screen, which include Superman, Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman amongst several others.

Superman Man Of Steel 2013: Trailers Reveal Darker Side Of Superman

Warner Brothers released two trailers to promote their next superhero film, "The Man of Steel." The "Man of Steel" trailers and the image on the official website suggest there may be a darker side of Superman revealed than previous versions. Director Zachary Snyder explained the new direction of the reboot: "We had to act as if no film has been made," he told an audience at Comic Cobn. "When we approached it, we had to say 'this is Superman for the first time."
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