Charlie Sheen HIV News: Actor Slams Allegations By Ex-Fiancee Brett Rossi, Claims She Asked To Continue Having Unprotected Sex [PHOTO]

Several women have come forward and claimed he lied about not having unprotected sex with them because of his HIV status, but Charlie Sheen has slammed all of the allegations made by his ex-fiancee, Brett Rossi. 

Brett Rossi Makes Shocking Claims About Charlie Sheen

Since Sheen admitted he was HIV Positive, Rossi has filed a claim that he not only had unprotected sex with her at least five times before telling her of his diagnosis, and also said he forced her to have an abortion after she became pregnant. However, Sheen now has filed a counterclaim where he says she insisted on having unprotected sex despite knowing of his status, and that she continued to also have sex with other men.  

He also denies that he forced her to have an abortion or was ever physically abusive to her, in an attempt to get her lawsuit thrown out because she signed his non-disclosure agreement when they first met in 2013.  

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Sheen's counterclaims also insist that he chose not to pay out a settlement to Rossi that was agreed upon in October because she has appeared on a website where she bashed him before the papers were signed.  

The video, which was filmed in April of this year and appeared on Radar Online, showed Rossi burning mementos of her relationship with Sheen and yelling that he exposed her to HIV for a year and half.  

According to Sheen's attorneys, the video and comments violate the settlement agreement and that Rossi is now no longer eligible to receive money from him as a result.  

"Nearly a year into their relationship, Rossi revealed her true self: A woman motivated by greed and consumer with jealousy," the filing says.  

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