Now that Bow Wow is out of the picture, Erica Mena might be eyeing her ex before him, Cyn Santana.

Their latest interaction on Twitter shows that they are finally at least back on good terms after their ugly breakup played out on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York last season.

Santana tweeted Mena earlier this week, “You look amazing.”

It didn’t take long for Mena to reply with, “Don’t do this to me…. yet.”

Interestingly enough, word is that Mena’s relationship with Bow Wow is what put a rift between Mena and Santana. Although they had their own issues before Bow Wow and Mena became an item, a kiss between Mena and Bow Wow on national television caused even more drama between the two.

Mena tried to convince Santana that nothing was going on between them. But both have said in the past that the kiss showed them that there was some chemistry between them.

Bow Wow and Mena met roughly ten years ago after she was one of his models in his Fresh Azimiz hit.

On the show, there was not much of a time gap between Santana and Mena’s ugly split and Mena’s reveal that she and Bow Wow were dating. An engagement between Bow Wow and Mena was shortly after as well.

But now that they have gone their separate ways after an ugly breakup of their own, Santana and Mena seem to be getting close again.

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