Andi Dorfman released her new book, It's Not Okay, on Tuesday, and in it, the Bachelorette revealed shocking details about her engagement to Josh Murray.

In the new release, Dorfman claimed the first four months of her engagement were "blissfully happy" while the second half of their relationship was full of "tense ups and downs" leading to "pure torture."

"We had gone from completely smitten and in love to hating each other," the 29-year-old wrote in the book, according to a report by Radar Online on Tuesday.

According to Dorfman, Murray had strict rules in place for their relationship, starting with a ban on taking photos with other men. She was also not allowed to take photos at dinner, despite Murray doing so himself. 

"He had gone from a man preaching the value of privacy to a man who not only obliged photo requests during dinner, but went so far as to offer them," she recalled.

In addition, Dorfman claimed, Murray forbid her from returning to her job as a district attorney.

"It would be 'selfish' of me to return to such a 'dangerous job;' selfish to him... selfish to our children," she wrote. "He was adamant about filling the role of the 'manly breadwinner' and paid the majority of our bills."

Murray even refused to allow her to be a part of the Dancing With the Stars cast because the show is "too sexualized."

"I had become a twenty-seven-year-old woman who walked on eggshells in her own home," she wrote. "What they didn't know is I was trapped with someone who, in my opinion, often behaved like an emotional abuser."

Towards the end of her engagement, Dorfman had an epiphany while chatting with a friend.

"'If I show up dead, tell the cops he did it,'" she recalled telling the friend. "Immediately after saying it, I could see in the mirror my oh-shit-did-I-just-say-that? Face and I quickly giggled in an attempt to sweep it under the rug."