Chelsea Houska News: 'Teen Mom 2' Spends Time With Taylor Halbur & Paislee [VIDEO]

Chelsea Houska spent her Thursday with another ex-girlfriend of Adam Lind.

On Instagram, the Teen Mom 2 star, who will wed Cole Deboer later this year, shared a photo of her daughter, 6-year-old Aubree, and Aubree's younger half-sister, 2-year-old Paislee, at the pool.

"Perfect day for the pool @tfhalbur89," Houska captioned the photo.

Houska and Halbur were once at odds due to Halbur's relationship with Lind, but after the two parted ways years ago, shortly after Paislee's birth, she and Houska began to bond over their mutual custody struggles with Lind.

In March, Houska spoke out about those struggles during an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment and revealed it would be a while before she could truly trust her ex.

"It’s going to take so long, I don’t know. There are things that happen where you think it’s getting better and then he does it again, it’s kind of up and down. As for our custody agreement, you’ll kind of see all that play out in the season so I don’t want to get too deep into that, but you will see that storyline," Houska explained at the time."

As for the near nude photos that were released of Lind earlier this year, Houska said, "I mean, it just shows where his head’s at and what his maturity level is."

Lind recently revealed he was not planning to return to Teen Mom 2, and if he goes through with his exit plan, Houska certainly won't mind.

"I have no idea. If he chose to not be on the show I’m perfectly fine with it," she said.

Houska also spoke of her fiance Cole DeBoer's relationship with Lind.

"They don’t talk or anything. If they’re at the same function for Aubree they’ll say hi but that’s about it," she said.

For more Chelsea Houska, tune into the Teen Mom 2 season seven reunion starting next Monday, June 13, at 10 p.m. and check out the clip below of Monday's finale episode.

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