'Deadpool 2' Movie News: Is Morena Baccarin Returning For Sequel To Play Vanessa Again? [VIDEO]

Is Wade's girlfriend going to be part of the Deadpool sequel?

On Saturday, Gay Times posted an interview with Morena Baccarin who played Vanessa in the superhero flick who went through the hysterical and action-packed moments with the icon known as Deadpool. While it was announced that the film would be getting a sequel, does that mean Baccarin will return to play Vanessa?

When she was asked what's next in her career, Baccarin mentioned she's working on The CW series Gotham, and may or may not return for another installment for the superhero flick.

"Gotham. I'll be busy with that until March of next year," she said. "And then maybe Deadpool 2- you never know!"

Baccarin also dished on what it was like working with director Tim Miller especially since this was his debut feature.

"Tim was really amazing considering how much he was juggling," Baccarin said. "If you hadn't told me beforehand that he was a first-time director, I wouldn't have believed it afterwards. He was really with it and gave us really great notes on set. We loved teasing him because he's the kind of person with no filter. Whatever goes into his brain comes out of his mouth."

The film is also known for having moments that weren't scripted, which started off as a challenge for Baccarin.

"At first it was terrifying because it's tough to keep up with Ryan Reynolds [who plays Deadpool]," the actress explained. "He's the funniest, quickest human being ever. But then you just go with it and allow yourself to relax into it. Once you've got the character down it becomes really fun. There was a lot of freedom and you start to have ideas and want to play around with things."

Deadpool 2 is expected to hit theaters sometime next year.

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